5 Keys to sell your home now

Once you own a home, you can’t change its location (duh) so choose wisely when you buy a home, and you will be rewarded when it is time to sell the home. Homes sell in nearly all locations, but the more desirable the location, the more people are looking in that area and the quicker it sells. Our best neighborhoods consistently have 10- 15 or more sales per quarter so when buying ask your agent. When Selling, be sure to let your Agent know why you bought there, and if there is something new that the Agent might not know about.

The overall condition of the house this is something most sellers can control. If you have been living there a while, unless you’ve been very diligent about maintenance there will be some signs of normal wear and tear.

What do Buyers look at? Just about everything . It starts with a thorough cleaning. A room by room inventory checking for paint, and anything else that needs repair. If you plan to move in the spring, now is the time to begin drawing up that list of things to do. Unsure? Call us out and we’ll help you make and edit that list on what needs to be done, and more importantly what does not need to be done. We start with the curb appeal and front door and entry, and work our way through the house.

There are some reports that suggest as much as 80% of a Buyers mind is made up before crossing the threshold. That’s right, before they see the beautiful interior, they are 80% for, or against your house! Today they start online, review and compare the pictures, and then come to see it. That first impression is vital. The look, the walk up to the house, every step of the way needs to be free of clutter and and pleasing to the eye. For years front yard landscaping has been the biggest bang for the buck when looking where to spend funds to him prove your chances house of welling at or near full price.

Once a Buyer knows the general location they are looking with a price they feel they can afford, they begin to look and compare features in the home. What features are expected, and what are considered luxury vary by price point. What are most buyers looking for now? Well there are both practical and style issues: One style issue is most Buyers prefer a more open floor plan- fewer walls. If you look at 10 homes built in the 80′s and then 10 homes built since 2000, the floorplans couldn’t be more different. The 1980′s house will have more, smaller rooms. If you own one of these, or are considering buying one, you might consider a remodel to take a wall or some walls out. Be sure your contractor consults with an engineer first!

In Charlotte, people like brick! They tend to favor brick from an aesthetic and practical (needs little maintenance) approach. Wall to wall carpet, once the greatest thing, is now not nearly so beloved. As you consider a carpet replacement, consider a hardwood or laminate replacement.

The two rooms that get the most attention from Buyers are kitchens and master bathrooms. New homes from the low $200′s often come with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances are preferred as well. Kitchens that open to the adjoining rooms are popular, as well as large islands with bar stools. Tile back splashes add an artistic value and are practical additions as well.

The most important part of the marketing mix is price. Buyer search by price, and this attribute is set by the Seller. When asked, Sellers have replied that the most important question when interviewing Agents is what price should the house be priced at, to maximize the sales price. Make no mistake, the right sales price is crucial. Price it too high and the house is invisible online, too low, and you could be leaving money on the table. You need an experienced Agent to help you arrive at that sweet spot in price, with data and reason to back up their opinions.

The good news? If you have a home in good condition in a popular location, priced accurately, it will sell in a reasonable amount of time. The more features, the better the condition, and/or the better the value will help the home sell quicker.


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